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Okay, so there's not that much of it, but it is rather spread out. So I thought I'd do something to make finding stuff a little easier.

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I was training to be a teacher when I first discovered your books, taking a course on Children's Fiction and discovering a fascination with science fiction and fantasy. The first book I ever read was 'Power of Three', and then 'Charmed Life' and 'Dogsbody' straight after. Your writing was accessible, vibrant and exciting, and your plots and characters fairly zinged off the page. I was hooked, and I have never become unhooked. That awful feeling of going to back to books you adored when young and then finding them a little lacking? Never happened with your books. Every time I read them (and, believe me, I've read them a lot) they come up fresh as paint.

Thank you for all the pleasure your books have brought me (and many others) over the years, and the pleasure they'll continue to bring all of us who read them in the future.

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Sep. 14th, 2010 08:58 pm
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Cast your mind back to 3rd January 2009. The date when Matt Smith was revealed as the next Doctor. I didn't know of him, hadn't seen him in anything. And the first thing I thought when I saw him was, "Bloody hell! It's Christopher Chant! Aka as Chrestomanci." Specifically, Christopher a few years after 'Conrad's Fate', as a young man round about the time when he became the Chrestomanci.

This was not a helpful revelation. How was I supposed to warm to the Eleventh Doctor when I had instantly seen the actor playing him as someone else entirely? Worse, what if the Eleventh Doctor had some traits that were remniscent of Christopher? Would he be very vain about his appearance? Would he have a habit of seeming frightfully vague when he was actually extremely alert to what was happening? Would he have a nice line in polite sarkiness? With a new Doctor, everything was up for grabs. I was worried. And I couldn't mention it to anyone for fear of sounding like a complete muppet. For over a year I worried!

And then, and then ... the fifth series finally aired. And the Eleventh Doctor is ... the Eleventh Doctor: he's by turn clumsy, gawky, adorkable, old-man-in-a-young-man's-body, awkward alien, manipulative, rude and brilliant. I already love him to bits.

And no, I don't look at him any more and think "Christopher Chant!" Except, except ... back to the icon ... except in the wedding togs he wore in 'The Big Bang'. And only in the stills, because Christopher would not move like the Eleventh Doctor. (Because nobody moves like the Eleventh Doctor.)
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Title: Just an Ordinary Boy
Author: twitchbell
Fandom: Torchwood/Chronicles of Chrestomanci crossover
Rating: PG13
Pairing: none [gen]
Summary: Jack, Gwen and Ianto investigate an energy spike in the Rift and find the corpse of a young man, but nothing is quite what it seems.
Word count: 7775
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Torchwood is the creative property of the BBC. Chrestomanci belongs to Diana Wynne Jones.
Warnings: None so far as I know.
Spoilers: Takes place after Torchwood Season 2 and shortly after 'Journey's End', finale of Doctor Who Season 4. Spoilers for both. Takes place approximately two years after 'Conrad's Fate' in the Chronicles of Chrestomanci.
Author's Notes: Prior knowledge of Diana Wynne Jones' Chronicles of Chrestomanci series isn't necessary for reading, but some knowledge of Torchwood is advisable.

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